ALWAYS SOMETHING TO MONITOR! This month it is Park Board trying to take control of our Community Centres. The Centres are registered societies operated by volunteer boards. Kerrisdale is one of the busiest and most successful centres in Vancouver. It has been operating as a society since 1950. All fees and rentals at the centre have been invested into the community. If Park Board takes control, the revenues will go into Park Board general revenues. Make your voice heard - write to

MEETING WITH BRIAN JACKSON, Vancouver's new General Manager of Planning and Development. Mr. Jackson attended our January executive meeting. We were impressed with his openness and attitude. We discussed three main topics: community consultation by the City, the Arbutus Shopping Centre redevelopment, and the Community Amenities Contributions (CAC) from developers. He agreed that the City must find better ways to consult with communities and a task force has been set up to survey all neighbourhoods. On Arbutus Centre redevelopment, he said that the development permit has not been applied for. Larco, the developer, is reportedly still testing underground water. Our community’s major concern is the water level which has risen greatly in the Village area in recent years. On CAC, the dollar amount is estimated on “land lift” which is the increase in land value resulting from the rezoning. Jackson said that how the CAC is spent should be based on a consensus between the City and the Community. Were we asked how to spend Larco’s $60 million CAC?

COMMUNITY MODELLING SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBOURHOODS - ARCA members attended a community modelling session organized and assisted by Korbin da Silva, an urban design Masters student from McGill University. A small group of neighbours gathered to build our 3D model of a sustainable neighbourhood around Arbutus and Nanton. The group gathered around a table where we used LEGO pieces to redesign our area: shops, condos, homes, laneway houses, town houses, row houses, parks, walkways, trees and green spaces. Of course, knowing that Arbutus is now an arterial road and density is sooner or later inevitable, we allowed 6 storey retail and residential buildings on that street. As we planned our community we were able to realize the impact of “too big, shadowing, tearing down of buildings, density, green space and connectivity.”  The modelling session was a great asset for community planning and engaging with the city and developers.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do you enjoy walking? Some of our members are not on line so we hand-deliver their newsletters. Some of these members are scattered across our community so you might have a walk in a different direction for a few days. Let me know at or 604-263-6051. ARCA posters - So many residents and businesses in our community have not heard about our organization, we printed up some posters to be posted or distributed wherever allowed. If you live in a complex or you are a member of an organization that allows posters, please let me know and I will deliver some to you. Again, or 604-263-6051.

ANOTHER PARK BOARD BLUNDER? The Educational Center at Van Dusen Gardens was donated in 1976 by Macmillan Bloedel. It is a unique example by Paul Merrick of modernist style. It is threatened by a City policy that requires the removal of a building from the Park's inventory once a new building is built. The city has a demolition permit but no money to pay for it so there is an opportunity to stop this. If you wish to try to save this building, write letters to the Penny Ballem, the city manager, Parks Board, Mayor and council.

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NEIGHBOURHOODS FOR A SUSTAINABLE VANCOUVER (NSV) continues to lobby City Council on neighbourhood issues. If you would like to be on their e-mail list, send your e-mail to

NOT A MEMBER OF ARCA? Contact Marie Clarke 604-263-5086 Our membership year runs from May 1st to April 30th. Fees range from $10 per person, $20 per family and $30 for a business.

WELCOME to new business member, David Setton, of TRG Realty.

Doreen Braverman, ARCA Chair 604-263-6051