Month: December 2011



Arbutus Ridge Community Association was formally registered as a society with the Province of British Columbia on October 13, 2011.

The purpose of registering ourselves as a society is to offer the residents, businesses and associations within Arbutus Ridge a responsible and democratic avenue to represent the needs and wishes of the community to the Council, Boards and Commission of the City of Vancouver.

ARCA is one part of ARKS – the City Plan for Arbutus Ridge/Kerrisdale/Shaughnessy. We have a role to play in contributing to that mandate which includes:

  • traffic and transportation
  • community safety and services
  • existing residential areas
  • new housing
  • neighbourhood centres
  • parks, streets, lanes and public places
  • the environment
  • community involvement and decision making
  • rezoning policy


To adequately fulfill our mandate, we need the involvement of residents, businesses and associations. There will be many community issues to understand and act upon in the coming years.


The first step to helping build a strong association is building membership. The fees are purposely low to attract as many members as possible. While we need the money for organization and communication, we are more interested in a long membership list and people of all ages and talents so we are truly representative of our community.


Fees are $10 per adult member

$20 per family

$ 5 per student

$30 per business

Of course, donations are always welcome!


Fees can be sent to ARCA Treasurer, Jim McCardle at 4350 Arbutus Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4A2.


Our web address is


Please get involved!


Afton Cayford, Chair