ARCA’s Mission

ARCA’s Mission

In June 1995, Vancouver City Council adopted CityPlan, a broad vision for the city to guide policy decisions.**  This document stated categorically:

How the character of each neighbourhood develops will reflect the wishes of the people who live there.
In response, The Arbutus Ridge Concerned Citizens Association (ARCCA) was formed in 1997 to give voice to this ideal. On October 13, 2011 ARCCA was formally registered as a society with the Province of British Columbia and the name was changed to The Arbutus Ridge Community Organization (ARCA).

Our Mission is:
To express the wishes of our people in the shaping of our neighbourhood

Our current primary focus is:

  • The proposed development of the Arbutus Shopping Centre permitting a large residential development
  • Other involvement:

•    Local flooding from underground streams
•    The proposed redevelopment of the Hellenic Centre,
•    Eventual use of the Arbutus Corridor, including traffic and transportation, community safety and services, existing residential areas, new housing, neighbourhood centres, parks, streets and lanes, public places, the environment, community involvement and decision making and rezoning policy.


ARCA is working hard to offer the residents, businesses and associations within Arbutus Ridge a responsible and democratic avenue to represent the needs and wishes of the community to the Council, Boards and Commissions of the City of Vancouver.

If you share our concerns:

Please participate in ARCA so we can fully represent your wishes
in our community

Contact us:
By E-mail to [email protected]
Or Roy Wares at 604-261-5633

Download a copy of the Mission Statement HERE
**Vancouver city web site accessed 1/29/09