Description of the Vancouver Plan

Description of the Vancouver Plan


The Vancouver Plan includes new development building typologies applied throughout the city without applying neighbourhood-based planning principles or responding to local context.

The 230-page report effectively changes housing and development across the whole city

  • Significantly increases higher density development across the city
  • New regional designations for Major Transit Growth Corridors along existing bus routes
  • Expanded transit development corridors and areas
  • Development growth targeted near neighbourhood centres up to 12 storeys on side streets
  • 12 -18 storeys close to stations with high towers +25 storeys on stations and major projects
  • Multiplexes are allowed throughout RS and RT zones covering the rest of the city
  • Little to no reference to neighbourhood character or heritage buildings
  • Incorporates major plans such as Broadway Plan, Jericho Lands, etc.
  • Overrides Community Plans and Visions
  • Unrealistic growth promoting housing targets that are not based on transparent data evidence


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